RIM Needs To Reach Out

(Credit: Jacqueline Seng/CNET Asia)

With all the news of iPhone 5 release this past week it is hard to ignore the love consumers have for the product.  Kevin at Crackberry.com wrote an interesting article about how the iPhone really hasn’t changed the user experience, the result is pretty much the same as the last iPhone, and I tend to agree. Blackberry just simply makes a better product.  Between security, data compression, real push email not to mention a whole new interface coming with Blackberry10… we are looking forward to an awesome device.

BlackBerry (and Android) loving tech bloggers are poking fun at Apple for not including NFC, and I would agree if there were vendor infrastructure in place to use it. Well it is included with current Blackberry7 phones just in case it happens overnight. I haven’t used it yet. Then again where are the partnerships?

And that leads to my point. Apple didn’t just work hard on convincing consumers that they are the future, they have done a very good job convincing many companies that sell products and services to consumers of it.  I once believed that proprietary connector would doom the company, and yet Apple connectors can be found on everything from home and car audio components, to places like libraries and gyms. I recently bought a used iPod nano just so that I could project videos onto the 15″ screen attached to the treadmill I am using.   I was surprised to find that cardio machine also sent my workout stats to the ipod Nike+ app.  NO OTHER DEVICE DOES THIS. Why? Because a fitness machine manufacturer believes in Apple – either through sheer will or via a partnership – enough to include the proprietary firmware and hardware. I am guessing there is a strong partnership with Nike. And this is just one example. There are many. Look around you and you will see dozens of examples of Apple friendly products or services. It’s almost like Apple is being pushed down our throats.

RIM is trying to stay in the game. They say they have a game changer actually. We don’t expect BB10 devices to outsell iPhone 5 but I guess the question is “will they be able to sell to more than just the niche Blackberry lover like myself?”(I would die without bbm).  I already know millions of consumers like me exist. RIM isn’t helping themselves by constantly delaying the release of their new smartphones, but maybe they can use the extra time to make some new friends. Unfortunately outside of internal business use (BES), I don’t believe that RIM will have convinced the mass producers of consumer product/services to follow. If they had, we would be seeing NFC everywhere. Many banks, credit card companies, major retailers, would already be on board with NFC and RIM would be getting some return on investment for including the technology on their latest devices. Instead BB7 devices will have come and gone, many never having been used in a practical NFC application.

The next evolution of BlackBerry needs to be solid not just from a hardware and software standpoint but also from a perspective of partnerships with the many of the other consumer driven businesses. Yes it does begin with building a solid product and I am certain BB10 will be.  Now it is time to convince not just consumers, but those that drive consumerism.

I, like many, am getting tired of running into situation where I find that either they don’t make that for my device, or my device can’t do that.

I want apps… I want blackberry to make partnerships… and not just with Nike… with everyone. As soon as Starbucks or any company with that kind of customer base says ‘we won’t support development of a blackberry app…’ I want Thorsten Heins sending hookers over to blow someone important until they change their mind… and if that doesn’t work Thorsten should go do the deed himself.

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