Double Down

The internet is a buzz lately with the talk of KFC’s Double Down sandwich finally arriving in Canada. Not surprisingly most of the comments are coming from people who have not tried it. Fine. I get it. We have the nutritional facts on this thing and obviously its not the most healthy thing I am going to eat this year. On the other hand, has someone checked the nutritional information on a McDonald’s Southwest Chicken “Salad” lately? Salad sounds healthy no? Think again. Almost on par with the “love to hate it” KFC Double Down.

Interestingly this has turned into debate about healthy eating and the part of corporations such as KFC is playing, on our bad health, and this bothers me a little. I read a column by some Mark Morford, parts of which are being quoted on blogs and facebook posts everywhere. He makes good use of adjectives to describe the Double Down while ripping into a fictional KFC executive. I guess he doesn’t have the resources to interview a fry cook, much less a senior manager at the corporate level. All that and many other blogs do is blame big bad KFC for coming up with another unhealthy food item, and “tricking” the stupid masses with clowns and other gimmicks into eating it. I am a little offended to say the least.When are we going to start taking personal responsibility for our choices in life? The corporations are trying to make money. Yes they are guilty of capitalism. Their only purpose is to pacify our gluttony with tasty food, nothing more. Teaching you to eat properly is your mom’s duty.

I remember growing up, visiting a fast food joint only twice a year. That was all my parents would allow; immigrants who had never seen a McDonald’s before coming to this country, knew that fast food was unhealthy and so eating out was an exception.

Today, eating on the run seems to be the rule. Everyone is too busy to buy groceries or make a home cooked meal.


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