TTC Bay Lower Subway Station (slideshow)

The adventure began this morning as I headed home from work.  I had almost forgotten about the reports on the radio or the video at the Toronto Sun website about construction on the TTC tracks closing Bay station.  The detour however, will give passengers an opportunity to briefly tour the closed old Bay Lower subway station, otherwise known as Toronto’s Ghost Station

As I boarded what was supposed to be the westbound train on the Bloor line at Yonge, I heard the announcement. “This train is being diverted to Museum station and then going out of service… We apologize for the inconvenience”.

It took some time but the train did make the southbound switch (turn) and proceeded through the lower Bay Station. We stayed in the station for a long time, but no matter how much I begged, the doors would not open. The blurry photos I managed to take with my Blackberry, unfortunately were snapped through dirty windows.

At Museum, the scene was crazy. The station was being treated as a transfer point for all passengers. Obviously not enough people were listening to John Moore on Friday morning as he made the announcement (and was as giddy about it as I).  Everyone seemed so surprised. We were instructed to get off the train on one side, cross the platform and wait for the train that would take us to destination. Guards were doing double duty, trying desperately to keep the crowds calm, in addition to using megaphones and signs to advise riders which way the next train was heading. As I mentioned, all trains for all directions were being boarded at the same side of the Museum platform. My westbound ride arrived, and soon headed towards St.George and onward to Islington.

I almost want to do it again.  I will post video if I do, but not today. After all I have all weekend… oh I almost forgot to mention –  regular subway service won’t resume until Tuesday morning.  Maybe I will just wait until another TIFF Event. Have a happy long weekend. Enjoy the slideshow.

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