Technically Producing Content

Photo Credit: Matt Hamm

It was just supposed to attract a few old-timers, ignorant to the ways of the internet. I wanted to offer a service in which I could teach those who were nervous of social media, or unaware it even exists, how to use it and safely. This is something I had done free for many of my friends before. My phone rings off the hook every time twitter servers are at capacity, or facebook updates privacy settings (and new groups sprout up perpetuating the fear that Zuckerberg is selling your soul).

Several people told me “you’re good at this. You can make money. You have no idea how many people need your help”. I introduced facebook, twitter and a myriad of other networks to friends like Liz Rice an ambassador to environmentalists and vegans in Toronto, and showed her how to use these tools so that she could bring attention to her blog and events page. She would later offer inspiration, ideas, even references, stating she felt I had found my calling. As one popular Toronto blogger put it when referring to her passion for things interactive “I like makey things on the internet”.

So I did it. This morning craigslist touted my ad. I used the words Social Media Expert (although some may argue the word expert is a stretch). Within minutes I had received an email from what seemed like a familiar address. I googled of course, to find it was an established Toronto blogger who’s name/blog shall remain anonymous until I get paid. The person emailing me played dumb, asked me questions about keyword optimization (you might need my help if you don’t know what that is) so I played along. After several emails I mentioned I knew who he was, and asked what he really wanted. It was exciting. I was playing in the big leagues now. He short interviews me on the phone for a position with something secret he was working on. I knew exactly what he was looking for, and as a content producer, with very little in the way of guidance, I would have blown him away.  Apparently, I am good, I think outside the usual box… But just not good enough. Where was I lacking? Not enough written product to back me up.

The irony in all this –  Just a little over a year ago, I was all over the internet, everything I posted was repeated in umpteen different places. I was doing at least a post per day at BlackberryUnderground, writing about everything exciting in the smartphone world; all the while keeping up with my own Tumblr, WordPress and Twitter.  I wasn’t trying too hard to top google search results, although I often even beat out musician/Drummer Tony Tedesco for top spot – maybe I should offer him my “expertise”.   Toronto Car Sharing service Autoshare still refers to me as a “prolific tech blogger“.

So what went wrong?  Laziness maybe, but mostly I became pre-occupied with my personal life or lack thereof.  I lost my full-time job and became concerned with what potential employers in a not-so-sensational industry would think of me if they found my blogs. And even with having toned it down I still have one heck of a presence on the internet.

I don’t think I have ever fully recovered from the falling out of a long-term relationship. Someone like me needs a cheerleader.  I have always felt that it is imparative to have a beauty at my side to bounce ideas off of, give me honest opinions, for a smile that inspires me, and someone to have adventures with, which I would write about later. I’ve always been at my best with a partner. Someone like Mina Stefan that I could take pictures of (I would have posted a photo of my gorgeous ex, but I am trying to avoid the restraining order, so Mina will have to do lol).

All that being said… it seems I have learned one heck of a lesson today. Rule number one about having a blog; Post Often if I want to be taken seriously. I never wanted to be one of those guys that posted shit about everything, but many will argue that I am interesting enough to have something to write about more than once a month.

This is probably the longest and most personal post I have ever written.  I will try not to bore you with this much reading in future posts.   Now if only I could find that Girlfriend Experience for inspiration :).  Finally if much of what I wrote here today about social media is foreign to you, then you probably need some instruction. Feel free to send me a message.


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