Empty TTC Parking Lot

Click Image for full size

No it’s not Saturday. In fact this was taken exactly mid-week — around noon on a Wednesday. This is the Islington Subway Cordova Lot.

There was a time this lot was always full on weekdays. TTC metropass users were once able to park here for free and then use the subway for the remainder of their trip into the city for work.

Then something happened. David Miller and friends decided to revoke this privilege and force all users to pay $5.00 daily to park here (and at any TTC lot).

And so it seems those that once parked here, got back into their cars and started driving to work in the city. They don’t use the TTC anymore, they don’t buy a metropass and this lot still needs to be maintained.

The most important part of Transit City’s plan is to get people to use the system! It’s time to re-think this parking lot concept. I suggest having two versions of the metropass, one with and one without parking inclusive. Charge a nominal amount such as an extra $25 for a pass programmed to let users into a TTC parking (not the absurd $5 dollars a day).

I am certain this is not the only lot affected. Feel free to send photos of an empty TTC lot near you!

Post your ideas on improving this situation! I especially want to hear from the city council and mayoral candidates on this one! What do you think?


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