Spy Vs. Spy

spy PC Magazine is asking whether or not RIM has forgotten it’s largest market – the business community – in order to embrace the sought after consumer. Many organizations such as government agencies and financial institutions don’t like the camera mostly because they pose a security risk to the sensitive information within their facilities. And although IT policies exist within BES to disable hardware such as the camera, many also know that the savoy user can get around such restrictions. With no device since the 8800 (Feb 2007) to ship without a camera, some are wondering if there is still a market for such a device? PC Magazine (and possibly the Whitehouse) seem to think there is a reason many are still using the older camera-less devices.

bbcomputraceAlternatively, a Vancouver company, Absolute Software Corp. known for laptop theft recovery software, has launched Computrace Mobile for BlackBerry Smartphones as well as Windows Mobile smartphones. A key feature of the new platform allows IT administrators to track their field smart phones via Google Maps using geolocation technology. Additionally the product can also detect hardware and software changes on a smart phone and features a “data delete” command that can help prevent sensitive corporate data from falling into the wrong hands (or possibly interrupt a resourceful game of Brickbreaker by killing it remotely). Absolute is targeting small to medium size businesses, with fewer than 20 smartphone units, where the cost of BES (US $3000) would be exorbitant. Basically, the software will allow managers to keep tabs on their mobile fleet at a very inexpensive price.

In this troubled economy, Computrace is the most conservative way to separate the slackers from the productive, so that it will be easy to make those big decisions when pink slips are being handed out. Just make sure those camera’s are disabled so that no one can snap photos of all your company secrets, on the way out the door!


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