ismokeAt CES this year, three different companies demonstrated their smokeless cigarettes. These gadgets use batteries and nicotine cartridges to give users their fix without the offensive and poisonous smoke. I am no longer a smoker, but having gone through the difficult quitting process, I am intrigued by the electronic cigs.


3 thoughts on “I-Smoke

  1. Hey guys. These are really cool devices… I have actually used one myself. The tip lights up blue when I puff on it. I think I can get use to smoking my Electronic Cigarette Anyways these smoking devices are healthier than regular cigs, because you are taking in water vapor. And they are great conversation starters at clubs and bars.

  2. It’s about time that someone invented a “safe cigarette”. Cigarette smoking deaths are the number one most preventable deaths in the United States. Still there are over 400,000 smoking related deaths yearly. The electronic cigarette can be used almost anywhere, and the great thing about it is that there are no known cancer causing agents in it. It is smokeless, odorless and it leaves no second hand smoke to harm others. Finally!!!

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