Once Upon A Mart-In Mexico!!

courtesy CTV NewsBrenda Martin was released from a Kitchener, Ont., prison Friday after being granted full parole. She had been held at the Grand Valley Institution for Women since returning to Canada last week after spending more than two years in a Mexican prison on fraud charges.

If you have not read any Canadian/International news lately, you may want to get some history on this story at CTV NEWS

I have not issue with our government having taken care of its own, and bringing her back. However taxpayers spent 80,000 dollars to bring this woman home in a private jet. Was this necessary? Could she not have flown Air Canada? She seemed so desperate to get out of Mexico, I am sure that she would have ridden a donkey home.

The obvious needs also be addressed. A court found this woman GUILTY of fraud. The media has spun this into a controversy and making it seem that she was unfairly condemned, without evidence. But the reality is that others, her peers, working for the same person were also found guilty of the same frauds. She was fired and given a $26,000 dollar severance. She was a cook!!! What cook gets that much severance? And she would invest much of this money into the same bogus investment company that her employer owned.

A sworn statement from her former employer – a rip-off artist – saying that she was innocent, was not enough for mexican authorities to aquit her of any wrong doing, even if cash would have set her free. I am not saying that the Mexican justice system was fair or flawless, but the family’s claim of a bribe offer of $150,000 to pay off a mexican cop seems a bit far fetched, since that cop could have probably lived the rest of his days a very wealthy mexican with only $25,000. Suffice it to say, that regardless of any mention of ‘money for freedom’, Brenda Martin WAS arrested under suspicion of fraud. Money or not, she was found guilty of such.

Since the story broke, with pictures of a teary Brenda Martin splashed all over the fronts of newspapers, Canadians have insulted everything about Mexico, and even threatened to ‘boycott those dictators’ for corruptness and unfairness. Had Brenda Martin shed her tears and threatened suicide in an east asian prison, they most likely would have given her the rope with which to hang herself. The Mexicans instead put her in a medical facility. Maybe they aren’t so unjust after all.

Now that our government stood up for a citizen and brought her back to a more civilized place (at least we like to think so), I would have expected Ms. Martin to serve out her sentence in a Canadian prison. In fact I would expect that she pay the taxpayer back by working as a cook in such prison for the next 5 years.

How does releasing her make our justice system better? Has this set a prescedent? How many people now think that they can break the law in other countries, and expect our government to bail them out, as soon as they turn on the tears.

Likely, Brenda Martin will soon put into motion to have her criminal record erased. It is my hope that our government will be wise enough to at least uphold the conviction.

It won’t be long before we hear about this woman again, and most likely it will be for bilking more people out of their hard-earned money, if not for ‘driving under the influence’ (she was already found guilty of that by a canadian court). She will probably be receiving her first welfare cheque real soon and I am certain she will continue to be a burden on our taxdollar, at least until ‘the book’ comes out.


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